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Trolley (Mule) Systems
  • Winch Drive (1)
  • Winch Foundations (2)
  • Return Pulley (3)
  • Return Pulley Foundations (4)
  • Trolley (Mule) (5)
  • Auxiliary Rail (6)
  • Mechanical Stop (7)
  • Wire Rope (8)

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  • Move Up To 1300 Tonnes
  • Winch Can Be Either Side Of Track Or Behind Buffers
  • Trolley Runs On Auxiliary Rail
  • Wagons Can Pass System
  • Automatic Or Manual Coupling
  • Stopping Accuracy +/- 150 Mm
  • Cannot Be Used With Turnouts
  • Low Maintenance

The Trolley (Mule) winching system is an endless wire rope system and the trolley runs on auxiliary rails inside of the main rails. The winch can be located either at the side of the track or behind the buffer stops. If located at the side of the track, wagons can pass through when the trolley arms are retracted. Coupling and uncoupling can be done manually or automatically. This system is mainly used when through traffic is required, as the wagons can pass through this system.

Other track layouts can be accommodated using this system.