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Lateral Chain or Lateral Draw Hook System
  • Move up to 500 Tonnes
  • Located at side of track
  • Chain or Drawbar systems
  • Manually coupled to towing hook
  • Wagons can pass system
  • Automatic or Manual coupling
  • Easy Maintenance
This is a simple system designed for attaching to the towing hook on the side of the rail wagon. The winch and the rope are positioned at the side of the track, and the connection is easily attached to the side of the wagon towing hook.

There are two systems that can be used, a lateral chain system, where the rope runs along the side of the track on rollers. This requires manual attachment to the towing hook of the wagon.

The other option is with an adjustable drawbar system, where the drawbar runs along a guide track along the side of the track. The drawbar can be connected manually to the wagon towing hook.